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Are You Facing A Felony DUI?

For most people facing a felony-level charge for driving under the influence (DUI), this is not their first offense. In some serious cases, however, you can face a felony with your first charge. You may be facing a situation where someone was injured in an accident or you had a particularly high blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The state of California takes these cases very seriously, and the penalties are severe.

If you face felony DUI charges, reach out to The Law Offices of G. Cole Casey right away for dedicated DUI representation. We only handle DUI cases, and we do it well. Our lawyer, G. Cole Casey, is known throughout the San Diego area for his successful reputation and his leadership in DUI defense.

What Constitutes A Felony DUI?

Although most DUI offenses fall into the misdemeanor category, several situations move the charges into the felony category under California law. Examples include the following:

  • This is your fourth offense within 10 years.
  • You had an accident that caused an injury or death.
  • You have a prior felony DUI conviction.

If you are unsure of what level of charges you face, we will discuss them with you in your free initial consultation.

Penalties For Felony Charges

A felony conviction can have severe punishments, including the following:

  • If you have prior convictions, you could face up to three years in prison, a fine of up to $1,000, license suspension and a mandatory interlock device on your car.
  • If you are charged with DUI, causing a death, you could face up to life in prison.

Additional consequences that come with a felony conviction include:

  • Barred from owning a firearm for the rest of your life
  • Barred from voting while in jail or still serving your sentence

None of this accounts for the personal consequences you may face regarding your family, your job and even your future career. If you hold a professional license, a DUI conviction can jeopardize your livelihood. At The Law Offices of G. Cole Casey, we understand what is at stake and what is important to you. We handle many high-profile and high-stakes cases in our office.

Discuss Your Charges With Us

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