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Serious DUI Defense For San Diego

Driving under the influence (DUI) is always a serious offense in California, but the consequences are not the same for everyone. Our firm represents defendants that are facing serious consequences, both from the court in terms of first-offenders with potentially aggravating circumstances, multiple offenders, as well as injury and fatality accidents. We also represent defendants who may be facing career, livelihood, professional licensing or immigration consequences as well.

Attorney G. Cole Casey is well known and respected throughout the area for his skill and his success rate. At The Law Offices of G. Cole Casey, we dedicate ourselves 100% to DUI defense because we believe in doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else. To learn more about our attorney, read here:

What Makes Us Different?

Our reputation precedes us when it comes to our rate of success. We do not rely on marketing slogans or empty promises. Our reputation has been crafted upon the exceptional work we do on behalf of our clients. You won’t see us advertising on TV, radio, transit buses, or park benches. We pride ourselves on being a legitimate, first-class defense firm, and strongly believe that saturating the community with advertising and promotional materials undermines both the effectiveness and legitimacy of any law firm. It also can have a negative impact on a potential jury pool for cases that go to trial.

We do not believe that prospective jurors would respond favorably to recognizing your defense attorney as a guy on TV commercials pointing at the camera, talking about how he’s going to “get you off”. This type of advertising completely pollutes the jury pool and can very much compromise a defendant’s chances at trial.

As a small firm, we offer personalized service and solutions tailored to each client. For this reason, we are very selective at the DUI cases we accepts. We concede that the firepower offered by The Law Offices of G. Cole Casey is not necessary in every DUI case. However, we urge you to contact us and discuss this for free. You can rest assured that you will not be subjected to sales pitches, fancy promotional gimmicks, nor will we make outlandish promises to you that are based on nothing more than speculation. That’s for the other guy.

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