Can you still become a lawyer with a DUI on your record?


Getting arrested for DUI in California is bad enough, but if you aspire to become a lawyer, the mere prospect can be terrifying. You might wonder what could happen in this situation.

It could impact your ability to apply to law school

If you’re not yet a lawyer but have goals of attending law school, an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence can significantly affect your chances of being accepted into the institution of your choice. You might be heavily scrutinized even if the incident occurred a few years earlier.

With a DUI on your record, it sends a message about your character and fitness. The American Bar Association takes these things seriously and wants to ensure that prospective lawyers don’t have a serious substance abuse problem. Any convictions that are more recent are considered more seriously than those far in your past.

Multiple DUI arrests and convictions might affect your ability to become a lawyer or continue your career. However, even if you do have a DUI conviction on your record, that doesn’t mean your legal career is finished. You could still practice law depending on the circumstances. DUI is also often classified as a misdemeanor unless a person was seriously injured or killed.

How should you conduct yourself in this situation?

The way you conduct yourself in this situation could make a big difference in what happens with your legal career. Taking the matter seriously and making sure you protect yourself are among the best things you can do. Showing the American Bar Association that you have been an upstanding citizen since your DUI arrest or conviction can only put you in a positive light.

You might also be able to have the conviction expunged from your record. This is one of the best weapons available in such a situation. You should also remain unassuming because that reflects well.

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