What drugs most commonly lead to impaired driving?


Driving should be an uneventful experience, but it’s possible to get into an accident in California with an intoxicated motorist. Certain drugs commonly lead to impaired driving and pose serious risks to all.

How serious is impaired driving?

Any type of impairment can affect your ability to safely drive. If you are under the influence of drugs, even those that are legally prescribed or bought over the counter, it can increase the risk of a car accident. You can also be arrested on charges of drug DUI.

Some types of drugs are more likely to seriously impair you than others. However, it’s still illegal to drive while impaired by any substance.

What drugs are most commonly used while driving?

There is a misconception among people who use certain types of drugs that it’s safe for them to drive while under the influence of those substances. Many prescription drugs can slow your coordination and impact your judgment and reaction time.

Methamphetamines are very dangerous and can quickly lead to a car crash if a person gets behind the wheel while under their influence. Drivers are more likely to speed and drive recklessly. Cocaine has the same effects as methamphetamines, making it a dangerous drug to use while driving.

Many people who end up arrested for drugged driving don’t even use illicit drugs before getting behind the wheel. Sometimes, this can happen while using prescription medication that includes ingredients that cause drowsiness. Sedatives, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety drugs and even some allergy medications and cough syrups can lead to impaired driving.

Impaired driving can affect lives forever. The best way to avoid an accident or DUI charge is to not drive when under the influence of any drug.

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