A DUI could affect a career


Few people want to suffer career setbacks, and job losses may lead to enormous problems. Anyone arrested for a DUI could worry about whether the incident leads to disastrous professional consequences. Ultimately, each situation may be different. How things eventually resolve in a California courtroom might determine how impacting the arrest becomes.

Job woes and DUI convictions

The type of job someone performs might determine how substantial the impact is. A self-employed personal trainer might not suffer professionally, but a person relying on gig economy rideshare or food delivery jobs could be out of work. Many driving jobs require a clean record and a DUI conviction might put a full or part-time job in jeopardy.

Problems could follow workers outside the transportation sector as well. An employer might fire an employee convicted of a DUI offense and do so reluctantly. Perhaps the DUI conviction leads insurance companies to consider the employee a high risk, creating untenable expenses to an employer. So, the employer regrettably chooses to fire the worker.

Maybe the job requires a security clearance. A conviction might put the clearance in jeopardy. These and other troubling situations may be avoidable if the defendant doesn’t face a conviction.

Defeating the DUI charges

Although someone may face a DUI arrest, the subsequent court appearance could work out in the accused’s favor. Perhaps the police cannot prove the suspect had control of the vehicle. Sitting in a car’s backseat without the keys to the ignition may reflect the inability to control the car.

Improperly conducting a field sobriety test might undermine the case. And sometimes, mouthwash or medicine could cause a disputed Breathalyzer result. Each case has its particulars, and different defense strategies might be necessary.

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