Jobs you can’t get after being charged with or convicted of DUI


An arrest for driving under the influence in California can dramatically change your life. In addition to potential criminal penalties, there are other problems that can occur in your life. For example, many employers require job seekers to undergo background checks. You also may not be able to get certain jobs at all.

Jobs that require driving

With a driving under the influence on your record, you may not be able to secure any jobs that require driving. For example, rideshare companies will not hire applicants if they are found to have been convicted of DUI within seven years of submitting their job application. Likewise, you cannot become a truck or bus driver if you were charged with DUI because you are barred from obtaining a commercial driver’s license for a period of time.

Jobs requiring professional licenses

A DUI can prevent you from obtaining certain professional licenses. This results in an inability to get jobs in areas such as teaching, medicine, real estate and contractor work. Depending on the specific license and the job you’re interested in, you might be barred from getting a professional license for more than seven years of a DUI conviction.

Law enforcement and the military

Whether or not you are denied jobs in law enforcement or the military due to your past DUI depends on different factors. However, in either profession, you may not be able to get the specific position you want because of your past conviction. Instead, you might be relegated to certain roles.

Some law enforcement and military positions require a security clearance. In some cases, the circumstances surrounding your DUI can prevent you from getting clearance, which means your job application could be denied.

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