10 News San Diego: Cole Casey Winning Marijuana DUI Cases

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San Diego Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Cole Casey was recently interviewed by Channel 10 News as a leading DUI expert and specialist lawyer who is pioneering the successful defense of persons accused of DUI due to testing positive for the presence of THC (Marijuana, Pot) in their bloodstream.

Cole Casey, a 13 year veteran of DUI Defense and a frequent guest speaker and legal expert on DUI Laws in California, was interviewed in September 2009 by Channel 10 News anchorwoman Charisse Yu. Attorney Charise Yu, Casey discusses recent U.S. Department of Transportation reports that contradict and disprove previous conclusions reached by the California Department of Justice regarding the effects of Marijuana on a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

California DUI Jury Trial expert Casey is innovatively winning marijuana impaired & drugged driving (DUID) cases based on published government reports that state “it is not possible to conclude anything about a driver’s impairment on the basis of his or her plasma concentrations of THC”. To read more about San Diego Marijuana & DWI, please view our recently added section on Driving Under the Influence of Drugs.