Client with .36 BAC Gets Work Furlough

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Although we had achieved a virtually impossible result for our client… there were no jumps for joy, no fist pumps and no high-fives.

Just a solemn respect for the victim, the family, and the court’s decision… which was in our client’s favor.

Deputy District Attorney Chandelle Konstanzer was attempting to convict our 39 year old client of Felony DUI causing serious injury – and was arguing for a 5 year prison term.

The defendant allegedly had a blood-alcohol level of .36% (four times the legal limit) at the time he rear-ended a vehicle that was stationary at a red light in Rancho Bernardo.

Through Mr. Casey’s knowledge, experience, attention to detail and tireless work on the case, was able to effectively present important information to the court, the victim and the victim’s family. As a result, the victim herself endorsed the court’s decision to give the defendant, instead of 5 years in prison, only a custodial sentence in a Work Furlough Program.

Our client, who’s family included two young children – one with autism and another with a serious auto-immune disease that requires daily care – could not have been more grateful for his second chance on life.