Getting back on the road after a suspended license


If you have found that the tickets and criminal charges that you have on your record have resulted in your license being suspended in California, you might think that you will no longer be able to drive. While you wouldn’t be able to drive during the suspension, there are things that you can do to have your license reinstated.


One of the first steps in getting your license reinstated after a suspension for a DUI or other violations and charges that you have is to pay the required fines. You can usually visit your local DMV to find out how much the fine will be so that you’re prepared when you make your payment. Sometimes, a judge will let you know of the fines that you need to pay if you have a court date and are sentenced in any way. There could be a fee that you need to pay as well that covers the processing of the paperwork associated with the reinstatement and for printing your license.


In order for reinstatement to occur, you will likely need to complete an application. This typically includes information about any accidents that you’ve had while your license has been suspended or any other details regarding your driving history. You could also be asked to submit your insurance information at this time so that you have proof that your vehicle is properly protected while you’re on the road.


Similar to the first time you obtained your license, you might have to take a test to demonstrate that you can drive. There could also be written and vision tests to take before your license is reinstated.

After a license suspension, you can complete certain requirements so that you’re back on the road once again.

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