Negative employment impacts of a DUI for hospital workers


Medical professionals and hospital staff in California have a concern that many other workers do not have when they are arrested for driving under the influence. Not only will there be potential fines and a license suspension even for a first offense, they could also be in peril of losing their job in certain situations. Much of the problem will center around their access to pharmacological products if the substance found in their system is not alcohol, and even when it is alcohol there could be employment repercussions.

Obtaining prospective employment

The primary negative impact of a DUI for hospital workers who are unemployed at the time will be difficulty in finding employment in the future. Convictions records remain on driving history background reports for a period of 10 years in California, and all hospitals require criminal history reports on prospective employees. Explaining an impaired driving conviction can be very difficult when looking for work anywhere, and especially in a hospital.

Retaining employment

Hospital workers who are employed at the time of the incident may be able to continue working following an arrest, but they could also be terminated immediately in certain situations. Some hospital companies have a strict policy that all workers remain free of a criminal conviction of any type, and impaired driving convictions are chief among unacceptable records. Cases involving both alcohol and drug use driving incidents can both be problematic, and the details of the case make a significant difference as well.

Additionally, the applicable state licensing board for certain occupations may also apply employment sanctions for some convicted technicians. Alcohol cases may be more explainable and less restrictive for those already employed in the field. Additional drug possession charges could also make the problem worse even when they are only misdemeanor charge convictions.

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