Reasons for DUIs


Driving under the influence ranks among the most dangerous practices someone could take. Yet, many people drive on California roads while intoxicated. Many drivers cause accidents that leave victims injured and, sometimes, fighting for their lives. Few are unaware of how reckless and illegal drunk driving is, but they still drive intoxicated, leaving some to wonder why.

Reasons for drunk driving

When a person suffers from alcoholism or drug dependency, the individual’s judgment may suffer. Even though the person may have faced arrest in the past, substance abuse problems override reasoning. Some publicized cases reveal that even those who have spent time in jail after a previous DUI conviction continue to engage in such risky behavior. Their actions might not end until they become involved in a fatal crash.

However, not everyone arrested for DUI has a history of substance abuse. Some defendants may feel surprised when they fail breathalyzer tests and lab results back up the accusations of intoxicated driving. These persons may not realize how much impact a few drinks have on the system. The individual may drink socially now and then and never caused an accident. However, none of that means the person is not legally drunk or a danger on the road.

Also, a person’s blood alcohol concentration could be well below the legal limit, but the person could be too incapacitated to drive. Such drivers may have only one drink and suffer impairment.

DUI legal matters

Those who avoided DUI arrests may assume they won’t get arrested. Their assessment might change after a traffic stop and subsequent arrest. The arrest could follow a vehicle collision, and the driver may face felony DUI charges.

The penalties for a DUI may be harsh, but seeking the lower end of punishments could be possible. The court might reduce fines or jail time. Some cases may lack probable cause or involve faulty evidence leading to dismissed charges.

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