How getting a DUI can ruin your college experience

With its sunny beaches and near-perfect weather, California is home to many college students who like having good times. Unfortunately, a fun night out on the town can quickly turn into a stressful experience if a police officer suspects you’re driving under the influence. Losing your chance to attend college Colleges throughout California and the rest of the nation have rules regarding proper student conduct. Since police departments typically report DUIs to colleges, this situation will likely be an example of breaking a college’s rules. It’s likely within the college’s rights to suspend or expel you. Having challenges finding a job If a DUI doesn’t get you in trouble with a college, you’re not out of the woods yet. Certain professions, such as government and education careers, require employees to have clean records. A DUI on your record could bar you from consideration for employment or licenses needed to obtain specific jobs. Changing majors If DUI-related repercussions stop you from entering your chosen field, you might have to find a new one to enter. This situation means wasting time and money spent pursuing your old major in favor of a new one. There’s also the possibility of having to save money again before being able to afford additional years of college tuition. Facing criminal charges College can be a stressful enough time in someone’s life. Unfortunately, students found guilty of DUIs must also deal with paying fines, losing their driver’s licenses or facing potential jail time. It can only take seconds for a police officer to suspect you of a DUI. However, this decision can negatively impact a student’s academic and career ambitions. Instead of driving drunk, get a ride from someone else.The post How getting a DUI can ruin your college experience first appeared on The Law Offices of Casey & Angelos.
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