Pilots must report DUI charges and convictions

If you are a pilot in California, there are certain things you must do after being arrested for or convicted of DUI. These actions outlined in 14 CFR § 61.15 by the Federal Aviation Administration often have time deadlines, so it is vital to act promptly. Report DUI within 60 days If the state convicts you of DUI, refuses to renew your license or suspends it because you have a DUI, you must report this action to the Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma City. You must provide your name, address and airman certificate number. Furthermore, you must state where the offense occurred and give information about the court where more details can be obtained. Finally, you must note if a drunk driving accident occurred. If the court convicted you of a different charge but mentioned the use of alcohol in your conviction, you must also report the conviction to the Federal Aviation Administration. If the police take your driving privileges away but you have not yet been convicted, you must still register within 60 days. Failure to report If you fail to report the DUI to the Oklahoma City Civil Aviation Security Division, any application you file for a certificate, rating, or authorization can be denied for one year. Furthermore, if your conviction turns up later, any rating given to you between the sentence and the rating can be revoked or suspended. Your medical certificate Pilots must list DUI convictions when getting their medical certificate. Part of getting this certificate allows the Federal Aviation Administration to search the National Driver’s Register for DUI convictions. These DUI convictions will appear at the bottom of your certificate. Pilots must report when they are arrested or convicted of DUI. Generally, one arrest is not a problem, but multiple convictions can revoke your certificates.The post Pilots must report DUI charges and convictions first appeared on The Law Offices of Casey & Angelos.
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