Does a court-mandated 12-step program have better recovery odds?

In California, when an alcoholic must participate in court-mandated treatment such as an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12-step program, their loved ones may have questions or concerns about the program’s effectiveness under these circumstances. These programs work for some, and certain factors can contribute to their success. Success rates vary with court-mandated programs The effectiveness and success rate of court-mandated recovery programs after a DUI conviction depend on an individual’s circumstances and personal commitment to recovery. Some individuals in court-ordered programs find success, while others do not. These results mimic the results of programs that individuals attend voluntarily. The critical factors in both situations concern the alcoholic’s willingness and readiness to change. Motivation and personal choice A court order can serve as a wake-up call for some and give them the realization that they have hit rock bottom, which motivates them to stay with the program. However, if someone feels forced to go to meetings rather than because of their personal choice, the court mandate may not lead to a successful outcome. Other factors that affect success in 12-step programs, mandated or not, include a person’s ability and readiness to genuinely acknowledge their alcohol problem and continue to engage in the process of recovery through the program actively. Supplementing recovery methods Some individuals may intend to stick with their court-mandated recovery program but find it more challenging than expected to comply with the treatment. The court might also mandate that the individual uses an alcohol monitoring device to help them stay accountable. For example, the individual may need to use a blood-alcohol monitoring device before they drive their car and track their test results using a mobile phone app. In some cases, the device resides in the individual’s car, preventing it from starting if it detects alcohol in the person’s breath. The effectiveness of a court-mandated 12-step recovery program depends on the individual and their readiness and motivation. Success rates may differ, but those who genuinely desire to recover and actively participate in the program have an increased chance of staying sober, regardless of a court mandate.The post Does a court-mandated 12-step program have better recovery odds? first appeared on The Law Offices of Casey & Angelos.
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