How a DUI can impact your life

After being charged with a DUI in California, you might think that the only consequences that you will face are legal matters. However, there are a few other ways that this charge can follow along in other areas of your life. License One of the DUI consequences that you could have to deal with involves your driver’s license. You could have your license suspended or even revoked if you have past charges on your record. This means that you won’t be able to drive a vehicle, which could result in not being able to take your family where they need to go or to get back and forth to work. Work Another consequence is a lack of employment. Many companies perform a background check, and if you have a DUI charge, then it could be seen as a risk for the company. If the job involves driving, then it’s possible that you might lose your current job or not be offered a job if you’re applying. Aside from driving while on the job, the days that would be missed for court, drug tests or classes could result in your employer not wanting to allow for the time off. This could mean that you would lose your job. Relationships Some of the relationships that you have could suffer if you are charged with a DUI. Family members might be ashamed to talk to you while spouses or significant others might be troubled by all of the consequences that you face. You could feel alone and without friends, which could lead to depression and other mental or emotional issues. Being charged with a DUI can be a frightening experience. Not only are you subject to legal ramifications, but there are professional and personal consequences that you could face as well.The post How a DUI can impact your life first appeared on The Law Offices of Casey & Angelos.
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